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Printer Review

HP Designjet 800ps Review

Welcome to an honest HP Designjet 800ps review, and we would like to start off by saying that this is an amazing color ink printer that is simply outstanding. This is a must have printer for people who are looking to receive high quality images. It’s a really good fit with companies that include advertisement and media with this product they can have a huge edge over the competition just by offering pure quality.

The printer  has a built in embedded internal print server and the printer can do a lot of things that will save you a lot on time while you work on something else.

As technology is advancing while time goes by, better peaces of equipment are getting displayed in today’s market, but HP did an amazing job here introducing us with this product.

This printer has many fully functioning capabilities. When you purchase this printer you will receive a CD which will setup everything for you and guide you along the way so you can learn it’s functions. It’s a huge advantage that this printer works with both Mac and PC platforms.

This HP Designjet 800ps review was created so it can help a lot of people find their ideal printer. Why would you choose HP Designjet 800ps? Well:

  • Quality
  • Speed and Precision
  • Print Resolution: 2400 x 1200 dpi
  • Ethernet, USB..
  • Model size: 42 in
  • Maximum print length: 150 ft
  • etc.

Hp Printer

Here is an example of the quality it can print out

If you are interested in purchasing the product, you can check it out here…

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We know that this printer might be out of date and that might be the problem for you. Yes it can still give a lot of quality but there is something better on the market.

This printer is newer, faster, cheaper and better than the Designjet 800ps.

The name of this printer is DesignJet T520 24-inch 70D Prints per Hour 2400 x 1200 Network-Ready Color ePrinte, it’s such an amazing printer that you simply cannot dislike it.¬†

New DesignJet Printer

It brings a lot with it plus more, and you can use it for various reasons, we are really recommending this printer instead of the older version.

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Both of them are really easy to navigate with and to use for your professional reasons or simply for personal use. Either way you are a winner if you end up getting access to both of them.

Both printers can print very large format of images.